Consorto Etereo

The ensemble Consorto Etereo was founded in 2021 out of fascination for music from the Renaissance period. Our first program was put together around the figure of Margaret of Austria, an influential female patron in the history of the Low Countries. We delved so deeply into all facets of this intriguing personality that Margaret temporarily became a part of our lives.

Building on the previous program, a new program emerged around Margaret and her nephew Charles V. Here, his court composer Thomas Crecquillon takes center stage.

A third program, which brings together Flemish, Italian, and German composers from the 16th century around the poetry of Petrarch, tells in a moving way about his love for Laura.

The collaboration with the Crescendo choir from Zottegem was also an engaging experience: the 500th anniversary of Lamoral, Count of Egmont, was celebrated under the title “L’homme armé,” featuring a selection of composers from the 16th century. Choir and ensemble playfully alternated with each other.

Now, two years later, as if the muses were guiding us, we put together a program for voice, viola da gamba, and harpsichord featuring both well-known and unknown French Baroque music for a concert occasion. It was a delightful moment of coming home, and the first Baroque concert was a success.

Sometimes, you must be able to let go of the familiar. The transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque allows us to rediscover our first love with a fresh perspective. Consorto Etereo expands its musical horizons with programs and musical themes from both the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Both worlds, with their sometimes divergent expressions and affects, are not obstacles for the musicians but rather reinforce and inspire each other.

Our ensemble continues its journey, curious about what the next musical steps will be…