Emma Coopman

Emma is a musical and lively lady who faces the world with her voice, Celtic harp, diatonic accordion, and expression. Her interests lie primarily in folk and early music. As a teenager, she played, sometimes as a guest musician, in various folk bands. Later, she studied classical singing at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven. Currently, Emma plays and sings in her balfolk projects Emmarilin and Fyndus, sings in the music theater Mirage, and works as a freelance singer with the early music ensemble Currende. She also performs solo at various festivals, celebrations, and ceremonies.




Adelheid Glatt studied viola da gamba with Wieland Kuijken, with whom she later played numerous concerts and made recordings. She taught at the conservatory in The Hague and performed in many European countries, South Africa, and Japan. Later on, she, along with her husband Andreas Glatt, founded the record label ACCENT. After a detour (she worked as a professional ceramicist in the meantime), she found her way back to her instrument. In 2021, she founded the ensemble CONSORTO ETEREO.



Jan Devlieger obtained diplomas in harmony, counterpoint, and fugue, as well as master’s degrees in recorder and harpsichord. He is active as a recorder player, harpsichordist, continuo player, concert leader, publicist, and composer. He has made CD recordings solo on harpsichord and with his own ensemble, Les Goûts-Authentiques. Jan Devlieger teaches at the Municipal Conservatory of Bruges and the music academy of Deinze. He also teaches the course on tuning and accompanying keyboard instruments at the School of Arts in Ghent. Jan Devlieger composes in ancient music styles with publications from Edition Offenburg and writes program notes for concerts at the Singel.

The core trio of the ensemble is expanded depending on the program.
Already performed with the ensemble:
Johanna Lambrechts, Jasper Bärtling-Lippina, Christine Lejeune, Liam Fennelly, Piet Stryckers, Rebecca Lefevre, Bart Roose, Linde Demunck, Jole De Baerdemaeker, Peyman Kafshdoozha.